Kivi-talo Foundation

The Kivi-talo Foundation was founded in 1985 as its main purpose to improve the working conditions and opportunities of authors as well as to mitigate their interactions and correspondence to their readers. The first chairman of Kivi-talo Foundation was a provost and an author, Jouni Apajalahti.

The administration of the foundation consists of the representatives of Ministry of Education and Culture, The Union of Finnish Writers, Finnish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild, Society of Swedish Authors in Finland and Helsingin kirjalijat (Writers of Helsinki).

After a complete renovation, the villa of Linnunlauluntie 10, was named as Writers’ House Villa Kivi on the 10th of October in 1990. The house comprises of 14 authors’ workrooms, a library, and a ballroom. To this day, hundreds of career writers, of which five have won the most respected literary prize in Finland, the Finlandia Prize, have written their works in the rooms of Villa Kivi. Various literary works such as novels, poems, history writings, plays, film manuscripts and essays have been born in Villa Kivi. The authors pay a small rent for their offices.

In addition, the Finnish Reading Centre, national bilingual centre that encourages and contributes to reading, manages its mission at the Writers’ House, Villa Kivi.

For Public and Community

The ground floor’s ballroom is rented for example for meetings, seminars, weddings, and birthday parties. The capacity of the space is from 60 to 80 persons. In addition, there is a spacious terrace facing the Töölönlahti bay that is applicable for use.

The property of Villa Kivi also includes an annex which consists of a sauna and a fire room which are suitable for around ten people. In addition, there are three guest rooms located above the sauna that available for national and international authors, and other guests.

Furthermore, prominent literary and art events for audiences take place at the Writers’ House Villa Kivi. Events such as Helsinki päivä (Helsinki Day) and Taiteiden Yö (The Night of Arts) are open for all audience.